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Dreaming about your Italian wedding?

Are you looking for a wedding planner in Italy?

We are the team fully keen on the creation of distinctive wedding in Italy.   If you want your dreams come true and the day of the wedding to be without any stress - we are here for you.

Our team is friendly staff, professional support, creative ideas and access to beautiful locations for your wedding in Italy.

We know that the every successful event begins with planning and communication. We can offer several levels of service including the hunting the location, day of wedding event management, wedding design to producing and executing your wedding. 

We guide couples to an incredible journey among the most beautiful locations in Italy, the best Italian food and wines to celebrate with families and friends. We put together professional experts to recreate the perfect Italian celebration.

We have tested and selected over 250 locations from Lake Como to Puglia, from Tuscany to Umbria, from the most elegant and glamorous to the most romantic.

How to begin preparations for a wedding in Italy?

Hunting the perfect place is the first step that you will take when you start to plan the wedding in Italy, and this is one of the most important steps!

Wedding on the lake, near the sea, on the panoramic terrace or in the ancient castle. Wedding in Rome, Florence, Venice, or Little Italy. The wedding ceremony in the Palace or in the old villa - we can offer the best spots for your wedding in Italy.

The civil ceremony, the symbolic wedding ceremony or the wedding in church - your wedding should look like YOUR wedding.  The wedding is not only about how beautiful it is but more importantly, how to represent the couple.

Wedding in Italy - this is the beauty of the surrounding nature, fresh air, the charm of Italian cities, excellent cuisine.  

Do you think to get married in Europe?

Welcome to Italy!

Let's planning your wedding in Italy together!


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